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A gentle thinning that will not stress, or damage the hair.

  • “Step-blade” creates soft bite and smooth withdrawal, leaves minimal hair lines.
  • A natural settling feel as if the cut was done several weeks ago.


The ACRO YURAGI 00 very gently removes only 10% of the hair with each cut allowing for a precise shaping and the perfect sculpted look.
• 21 teeth • Cutting Ratio 10% • Blade/Teeth Position: Regular


The ACRO YURAGI 04 removes slightly more hair at 15% but still creates a delicate finish leaving fine blending for a sensitive texture.
• 21 teeth • Cutting Ratio 15-20% • Blade/Teeth Position: Regular


The ACRO YURAGI 06 gives a moderately aggressive blending without leaving blocky end notches and excels at creating depth while removing bulk.
• 19 teeth • Cutting Ratio 25-30% • Blade/Teeth Position: Regular


The ACRO YURAGI 10 works as an aggressive blender, removing up to 40% of the hair.
• 16 teeth • Cutting Ratio 35-40% • Blade/Teeth Position: Regular


Building Material

Cobalt Alloy Extramarise ll