ICHI-NINO-SAN 4 Scissors Set

ICHI-NINO-SAN 4 Scissors Set

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Ichi-Nino-San #1
An excellent scissor for precision hair cutting. Good for point cutting, slide cutting and some dry cutting. The cats eye blade gives you versatility for all around cutting.

Ichi-Nino-San #2
Designed with thick blades that allow for easy slide and dry cutting. Combining Ichi #2 with Ichi #1 covers all modern cutting techniques.

Ichi-Nino-San #3
A thinning shear with a 25% cutting ratio. Hairdressers will be able to create a full range of texture to the haircut.

Ichi-Nino-San #4

A blending tool that has a 15% cutting ratio. This tool is used best when performing scissor over comb for better blending. The tool is also great for mid length hair and for polishing the ends of a long layered haircut. Combining Ichi #3 and Ichi #4 creates any texture desired to the hair.

Building Material

Cobalat Alloy Extramarise l

A dream set of four popular Mizutani Scissors for all your styling needs. Priced at 600.00 a piece individually, this is an $800.00 savings and is recommended for anyone just getting started in the industry.

  • Flat screw that can be adjusted from the back.
  • Removable finger rest/tang.

Lefty Custom order only